Endocrine Disruptors – Environmental Hormones and Chemicals Mimic Your Hormones

Have you ever wondered why some cultures are thinner than others? In this article we are going to talk about principle # 4 of the 7 Principles of Fat Burning and the fact that environmental hormones and chemicals mimic your hormones, creating something the EPA calls endocrine disruptors.There are so many people that have been struggling with the issue of weight loss. They have been hanging onto weight even when they do whatever they can to get rid of the weight. Those skinny jeans are still hanging in the closet just wishing that they could be worn. The fat burning hormones are just not doing their job it seems but that could be because these people do not even know about fat burning hormones, and environmental hormones known as “endocrine disruptors”.The reason they can not get rid of this weight is because they have been taught about weight all wrong. They have been told many “facts” that were not facts at all and since these people do not have the right information they are going about things all wrong. These people did not know about the body type diet, fat burning hormones or endocrine disruptors and how these things affect the process of fat burning. They should be taking the body type quiz and getting on the body type diet for great results. Let’s go on to look at this principle.If you want to know why your weight problem is becoming worse, you don’t have to look far. You are presently being exposed to synthetic environmental hormones on a daily basis. We all know it but who wants to think about the fact that the meats and meat products we eat come from animals that have been given hormones. All of them: chickens, turkeys, cattle, fish, etc.Certain groups will tell you there is no proof that these man-made hormones administered to animals have any effect on our bodies. Yet if you go overseas to countries that don’t use these hormones, people are thinner-Europeans especially.One other interesting observation is that chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides have the ability to act like hormones in our bodies. Your food is heavily sprayed with these toxic chemicals. It would be horrible if you forgot to wash that “fresh” produce that you found at the local store, who knows what you would be taking in each and every bite.The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has a name for these chemicals. They collectively call these chemicals endocrine disruptors. What they mean by endocrine disruptors is any chemical that mimics, that blocks or that otherwise disrupt the normal functions of hormones.ConclusionThere are so many factors that can affect your body when it comes to weight loss. You need to make sure that you pay attention to the signs that your body is giving you. You have learned 4 principles so far and you can already tell by now that the body type diet is the only way to get healthy and lose weight in a way that is effective for your particular body type. You can start a process of detoxification to eliminate the environmental chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors.You can easily use the body type diet to get yourself on the road to your goal weight. You do not have to suffer from obesity. Take control of your life starting now with this great tool. You can now take the body type quiz to find out your body type.