Kid Games – A Parent’s View

Personally I have 7 children 6 boys 1 girl, ranging from 9 to 25 and most of them are in their teens, we own every Nintendo system and nothing but. It’s hard to afford even the WII, let alone find one, so we thought waiting for a year.We could get one for them next year, so we will wait to read the gossip reviews and facts going around.We have also loved and recommend the type of games SONY has put out for years and years, they produce a good variety. These are the sort of kid games the kids really want. Having said that, it is true that Nintendo does have fabulous games. I’ll go even further Nintendo has games that we almost cannot live with out!The classics are Zelda, Mario and the like, Shooters, and sports, and SONY undeniably has the top Kid games, of role playing, great shooters, etc. I could go on and on.I enjoyed some unusual board games or vintage kid games which we played as a kid, but, in my opinion, none can match the shear power of enjoyment kids get now from the top computer game creators.There is more and more use of games to put across important messages to kids. Some “keep them safe” type kid games are available that have been designed for tweens and teens. They are full blown actual computer games that take kids through the experience of being hood-winked by internet predators.The reason that such a large investment has been put into such games is so that kids can learn to recognize the signs and avoid the real thing.The many kid games we have bought in our family can be categorized under various groups such as representations of indoor games, outdoor games, card games, board games, and even turing full circle some even imitate role playing in computer games, etc.The outdoor kid games programs tend to include hyper-physical activities such as running, swimming, jumping , etc. All the kid games we like are set up to be user-friendly so that children can earn lots of little rewards.Now turning away from computer kid games lets talk of some games which we play for real!Choose two teams with an even number of kids on each team, line up half of them from each team at each end. Designate a starting line and a finish line about 10 feet away. Give each team a straw and a ping-pong ball. The winning team must work in relay to blow the ball back and forth, until there are no more relay members left. The first to finish is the winning team.Children want to be entertained, not patronized by their kid games. And, going back to computer games, from a character design standpoint, at least Sonic was blue.Children are not children for very long and the game company that ignores their future spending power does so at it’s own peril. The problem I detect is that the games companies are focusing to much on the biggest market, and on older geek players. Why can’t a gaming console cater better for the development of our children, teens and adults. Big games creating companies should do better. Not just line up all their output for high spending sad, spotty geeks who have nothing else to do.Child play games, if they are to be successful in allowing your inner child to become visible to you and others, often need to be simple, silly, frivolous, childish, light and airy. The reduction of stress and anxiety in our lives requires that we relax, lighten up and become less serious and intense.Nintendo is for children. The children are the future. OK. Nintendo is a business, and it needs to make a profit, fine. But while selling better games fo well balanced and intelligent children they do not need to completely abandon every single hardcore gamer.I have seen Nintendo’s business development and products over the years. They must have made very many blunders in the past years including now bringing out a even smaller Game Boy advance, yet they have the Game Boy SP and a Game Boy DS out as well. Also, just because Nintendo says that you can download games from every one of 20 years from its library, this doesn’t mean that they will be all be good games.Lucky for us their all time greatest titles are all available for the Game Boy Advance!

Structural Changes in Banks for More Customer Delight

Top global banks and financial institutions are adopting new technologies to streamline their internal operations and align their resources to offer customers the best & innovative banking services. In order to provide customized and revolutionized banking solutions to the global businesses, banks first need to refine their work processes and take the crude out of it. This will help them to indulge in the big quotients like mergers and acquisitions, private placements, and bankruptcy and restructuring deals and providing sophisticated business banking to the clients. Modern banking and financial institutions rely on the top-end technology products in order to rapidly share information with deal partners to make sure successful operations in a more secure way.Technology adoption simply drives efficiencies when it comes to data management, handling and accessing. With the help of latest banking software solutions banks can easily manage, evaluate and share information related to complex banking and financial instruments while maintaining complete security and control. They are also working on the better security measures for better financial transactions.New banking applications and software solutions offers immense capabilities to the banking management that certainly help accelerate all operations. With the help of software applications banks can control the deal processes and handle critical information with due diligence. These software solutions also support sourcing of newly emerging opportunities so that banks can provide more invaluable banking solutions to the customers with lesser risk of frauds. They are also adopting secure web-based and mobile access solutions for the customers through these high-end technological solutions only.Banks are also accelerating their operation efforts through various means like:1. Speed up internal (banking and finance related) reforms
2. Access innumerable set of information to extract quality information
3. Find information easily, effectively and shorten waiting period of customersBanks and financial institutions are also busy in collecting data for business insights and transforming it into activity for further banking transactions which will result in risk mitigation and better ROI. In this way they can respond more effectively to the customers’ queries. It also ensures transparency and consolidating of information on a single platform only. It enables tracking and reporting of banking information in a secure and sensitive manner.All these measures help banks to adopt fast changing banking technology and provide the best banking solutions to the private organizations. It is also helping them to connect with their customers in a more personal way. In fact, banks have empowered themselves to effortlessly offer business loans, corporate banking services, insurance, investments, mobile banking, internet banking savings and checking accounts as well as financial advice to the businesses through the adoption of newly emerging technologies.

Endocrine Disruptors – Environmental Hormones and Chemicals Mimic Your Hormones

Have you ever wondered why some cultures are thinner than others? In this article we are going to talk about principle # 4 of the 7 Principles of Fat Burning and the fact that environmental hormones and chemicals mimic your hormones, creating something the EPA calls endocrine disruptors.There are so many people that have been struggling with the issue of weight loss. They have been hanging onto weight even when they do whatever they can to get rid of the weight. Those skinny jeans are still hanging in the closet just wishing that they could be worn. The fat burning hormones are just not doing their job it seems but that could be because these people do not even know about fat burning hormones, and environmental hormones known as “endocrine disruptors”.The reason they can not get rid of this weight is because they have been taught about weight all wrong. They have been told many “facts” that were not facts at all and since these people do not have the right information they are going about things all wrong. These people did not know about the body type diet, fat burning hormones or endocrine disruptors and how these things affect the process of fat burning. They should be taking the body type quiz and getting on the body type diet for great results. Let’s go on to look at this principle.If you want to know why your weight problem is becoming worse, you don’t have to look far. You are presently being exposed to synthetic environmental hormones on a daily basis. We all know it but who wants to think about the fact that the meats and meat products we eat come from animals that have been given hormones. All of them: chickens, turkeys, cattle, fish, etc.Certain groups will tell you there is no proof that these man-made hormones administered to animals have any effect on our bodies. Yet if you go overseas to countries that don’t use these hormones, people are thinner-Europeans especially.One other interesting observation is that chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides have the ability to act like hormones in our bodies. Your food is heavily sprayed with these toxic chemicals. It would be horrible if you forgot to wash that “fresh” produce that you found at the local store, who knows what you would be taking in each and every bite.The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has a name for these chemicals. They collectively call these chemicals endocrine disruptors. What they mean by endocrine disruptors is any chemical that mimics, that blocks or that otherwise disrupt the normal functions of hormones.ConclusionThere are so many factors that can affect your body when it comes to weight loss. You need to make sure that you pay attention to the signs that your body is giving you. You have learned 4 principles so far and you can already tell by now that the body type diet is the only way to get healthy and lose weight in a way that is effective for your particular body type. You can start a process of detoxification to eliminate the environmental chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors.You can easily use the body type diet to get yourself on the road to your goal weight. You do not have to suffer from obesity. Take control of your life starting now with this great tool. You can now take the body type quiz to find out your body type.

Open Space Concept Homes

Open space often appears as an architectural and spatial concept of linking the living room, dining room, kitchen and other facilities in a harmonious whole. It represents a response to pressures, which appear daily and his visual component emphasizes a sense of freedom. Space connecting can be achieved through horizontal or vertical floor linking.Whole space, divided by functional group placement, is experiencing larger and lighter and much more comfortable than smaller and separate entities. Open space release and opens borders and as such it is the perfect response to modern life that encloses and separates us, mostly due to lack of free time. To ensure this open space fills all of its roles, it is especially important to match its functional and aesthetic components.Functional component is primarily related to the proper arrangement of elements within a single group – the living room, kitchen, dining room, working space and the proper relationship between the groups themselves. Staying and performing some activity in one functional component should not interfere with activities in other components. Communication flows between them should be clear and logical in order not to upset the entire function circuit. By example this means that the open space should be organized in a way that while a dining room is located in the middle, the kitchen and the living room are placed left and right of it. Such spatial relationship enables seamless communication between groups – kitchen and dining room where usually all activities of preparing and serving food are performed, while the activities in the living room are completely independent event.In case the living room as a group should be extended because of the increased number of household members and guests, the dining room ideally can be used for additional accommodation and increase the number of seats. Their good mutual disposition will allow excellent visual contact, communication and the possibility of joint watching of TV programs.Functionality without aesthetics is nowadays not acceptable any more. Open spaces, regardless of the functional division, should be unique in providing atmosphere. Random colors, materials, fabrics and styles should be adjusted, as they will in that way emphasize the dimensional quality of open space. It is advisable to combine up to four different materials or colors in a way that the two colors or materials are dominant, and the other two appear in the details and decorative elements. Too many colors and material types in open spaces will reduce the visual experience, and that certainly is not the goal of open space philosophy.Experimenting with styles is also allowed, but with careful selection of elements and details complementing each other. The safest choice is to choose any style you like, but complemented with details such as chandeliers, lamps and pictures in another, different style. If you want to follow trends, select the minimalist geometric elements and add few retro details and emphasize them.Open space concept provides lots of opportunities in the creative expression and the creation of effective spatial experience. It will certainly contribute to large amount of daylight and lighting solutions. Central and individually placed lamps with the possibility of regulating the strength of the light shall create a special experience in the area, which can be individually adjusted depending on the wishes and needs.Selection of open space as a spatial concept of the future house or apartment is ideal because it offers the possibility of fulfilling all desires, highlighting the personality of the space and creating an environment that will satisfy all functional and aesthetic criteria.